YOU?VE BEEN FILM?D source site 06 June 2007

go here click Now that the tension and stress of shooting a film has quieted down after a more relaxed week, I can look with some distance and less tired eyes to the whole period, and review clearly that it was awesome. Like I said, the biggest hurdles to overcome were some stressful bits during pre-production to get the financing done and the arranging of locations and actors and such (which was mainly done by my kick-ass female media-manager team). The filming itself was, after the exhaustion died down, a fantastic experience. strategia opzioni binarie one touch go I can't put this in any other way than the obvious, huge, clich,, but I learned so incredibly much during filming. Not in the least that it really is a team effort; something you can intellectually know, but that takes experience to understand, to feel. Where previously I still had childish fears of the film slipping out of my hands and not being 'mine' anymore, now I realise the idiocy of this view. As M advised; I've taken my ego out of the equation and in return I have the overpowering notion that all I want is this film to be the best it can. training binario cosa รจ Next week I will team up with my co-director and an outside editor to edit the raw footage and create a superb cut, hopefully. After that the post-production trajectory continues as special effects get added, the sound is designed and put in and, obviously, I get to making the animations that will complement the movie. Again, with help from other people. 'Cause if there's one thing I learned, is that it's almost impossible, and also undesirable, to do everthing by yourself. You get by with a little help from your friends. liste leads opzioni digitali 40 years old this year. Let's hear it for good old Sgt. Pepper.

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