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here After these brief theological interludes, some momentary respite in the form of an update on my quest to find a new house. opzioni binarie meteofinanza I had actually accepted that I was going to move back in with my parents, which isn't as bad as it might be to others. I'm pretty adaptable and as long as I'd have my own working space I'd be fine. The only drawback would be the topological isolation; my elderly town of origin being a small dot in the south-east of our glorious kingdom. Not very optimal if 95% of all the companies and opportunities in my field lie in the north-west. But hey, sacrifices have to be made in the muddy procedure of getting (or rather, not-getting) an over-priced condo. binäre optionen funktion So with that possibility to fall back to, the edge was taken off the Quest and I was able to sit back and see where my other three roommates were blowing off to. Roommate Jasper en Michiel were getting a new house for the two of them in the area of Utrecht that amusingly fell prey to violent uprisings mere days later; leaving them to review the situation with a mix of astonishment and irony. Roommate Tom tried to get an apartment in Arnhem, the site of a studio where he was offered a place to work. As luck would have it, there were two vacant apartments nearby. follow url So after allowing Tom the glorious luxury of 'first pick', I asked him if he'd like it if I were to move into the other one. And sure enough, a week later I secured it. Hooray! Fun and friendship were at arm's length! But as we speak, a small setback has occurred; because here comes Mr. Bureaucracy again! Only students allowed in Tom's house -and he's no longer one! No matter that everyone in it knows and loves Tom and that he is the perfect fit for the room! Rules are rules, and people should just warp themselves around them. Ha ha! It's so nice to see all those great people working so hard to uphold the rules!

But the die, though cast, has not yet rolled out completely. Internal forces from the house are working to get Tom in regardless, and we'll see in a few days if it all works out. Otherwise, he'll try to find some other domain nearby or at least in the city to occupy. But it just wouldn't be the same as having him two doors further, ready at any time to jump into hefty four-player Gears of War, Let's hope for the best.

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