24 February 2007

I usually take it up myself to go walking a few kilometres whenever I have a free day that would mostly be spent indoors. Last week I took to the dike again that runs alongside the Waal river. Getting there, however, meant traversing a section of the inner city that, to my dismay, was a veritable minefield of dog poo.

Literally a carpet bombing of hound excrement.

Don't these so-called dog-lovers understand what discomfort and dismay it causes the average person on the street to come across, let alone step into, a pile of shit? Don't they notice that dog waste, being composed mostly of meat, is extremely foul-smelling (as opposed to cow dung, which is vegetarian, so to speak, and much less repulsively odoriferous)? It seems beyond any reason that people should be allowed to let their dogs go wherever they want to on sidewalks and other areas where people can be extremely discomforted by it.

And indeed, this is utter madness. Why should I be confronted with enormous volumes of shit every day? It's time to call on the responsibility of owners of dogs everywhere. You're not living on the countryside; you are in a densely populated urban sprawl and simply can't stay blind to the huge negative impact you have on a lot of people's everyday life. Step up to the plate and take responsibility, if you're really such a caring and concerned animal lover. Either clean the shit up after the dog leaves it in an inconvenient place, or don't take a dog at all! It could be conceded that dogs can be freely walked in the various zones across the city that allow for that; but let's be honest: that park or dike is just as much frequented by casual travellers as other places, and therefore should neither be host to the massive dumping of Man's Least Potty-Trained Friend's gunk.

Either you clean it up and take responsibility, or you don't take a dog at all. Other people shouldn't have to suffer because you don't want to own up to every aspect of your pet, you egoist.