MAKING UP FOR LOST TIMEÃÃà source link 07 October 2006

option operazioni binarie source link Last weekend the comic convention in Houten slipped by rather silently, but it was nonetheless a very nice place to be with good things happening. Captain August was broadly represented on the Clickburg stand (Clickburg being the Dutch organisation for the promotion of webcomics that nominated me earlier this year for the Clickie Award for best Dutch-spawned webcomic). I shared half a stand with the very agreeable Kirk. How much money do you make streaming on twitch tv follow site Sales of the Captain August book were very slim, but I got a good bit of promotion done and even networked a trifle with some publishers that were present. Since I always see conventions as these as excellent opportunities for socializing and getting acquainted with people, it was a resounding success in my book, and fun on top of that. go to link enter site The absolute highlight of the convention however was the presence of two celebrities: Herr Flick and Helga from the famous British 'Allo 'Allo sitcom! And they were actually present themselves, not simply the actors portraying them. The sheer shock of seeing those characters walking around in real life was profound, but instantly entertaining. The beauty of it was that this was obviously not just a paid job for them; they actually enjoyed being there and assuming their well-loved roles. Hilarity ensued when they announced in character through the speaker-system on the convention site the various events concerning them to the audience: Helga would apologize for burdening them with 'another message from Herr Flick', who in turn would declare that anyone not attending the Meet & Greet would be 'shot'. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to have a chat with them and they turned out to be very friendly people. I even made a drawing for them when I noticed it was in vogue that weekend and over the two days I regularly met up with them for a quick chat or the delivery of a complementary booklet. Here's a picture:

So all in all; quite a nice weekend. The rest of the week was back to work again, with a few other excitable events occupying my mind that I shan't speak of here. A gentleman's courtesy, you understand.

Oh, before I forget: in a few weeks I'll be playing the Big Three on the Wii at the Dutch Nintendo HQ. Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime Corruption and Zelda: Twilight Princess; they will be mine to peruse. You are free to ooze jealousy.

go Roderick.