go here 17 January 2007 here After posting on the forums that I had gotten my own apartment in Utrecht last week, I regret to inform you that that exquisite bird has been shot down too. Everything was going well -too well. And so, the bank decided that it shouldn't be this facile and smote me with their book of bureaucracy. winning trading strategy pdf Because rules aren't here to serve mankind, they are here to be obeyed regardless of their usefulness or relevance. That is the law the bureaucrat lives by: rules are rules. Forget that rules often can't encompass human creativity, or that life will not be captured by them. Rules are there to be followed. They are the ball and chain on the bureaucrat's foot, but he perceives them as his tool. He hides behind them in lieu of using his own creativity. That wellspring of rejuvenation has dried up; now he owes only allegiance to the Rules. His soul has long since departed; he has become an automaton, a cog in a great, cold machine. He is the bureaucrat. go here follow We should lament him, were it not that his ignorance is hampering with our development as a race. He is dangerous, because when rules are no longer questioned and adapted as our needs change or an individual desires it, civilisation stagnates. Beware the bureaucrat -he is a sign of decay and his method is conservatism. Under his guidance, life will become a museum of fossilised insects; our spirits crushed and our creativity quenched under the strict dogma of unchanging rules. In a way, he is more absurd and more dangerous than religious folk. Both obey rules without question and will die defending them. But where a religious person is at least foolishly convinced that he defends the truth, for the bureaucrat it is merely his job. He sells his soul unwittingly for a petty fee, is shackled to this fate through a paycheck that doesn't state the damage he is wreaking upon our society. And all the while these little minds have the power to decide over us. These bureaucrats. They are not men. They have no choice and no creativity. They are machines, and we must beware them and fight them whenever we can.

I will get him back, just wait. I'll get my house in Utrecht before the end of our deadline!

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