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forex avgift växla pengar click here Last Thursday I met up with my editor in Utrecht and I finally got my hands on a Wii that they got from America, with Twilight Princess to review. Now they told me I needed a 'converter' to be able to put those menacing American plugs onto our beautiful European electricity network. So I went to the Mediamarket where once I worked, and they gave me one and I went home, only to discover that they had sold me a UK converter. So I cursed the bastards. Then Jasper reminded me that it was shopping night and the stores were open for another fifteen minutes or so. So I rushed outside and found the nearest electronics boutique in the neighbourhood. Luckily I found one and just before closing time they sold me a converter. trade options broker I came home and tried it out, plugged everything in, the light on the Wii flashed on, the crowd rejoiced, and we heard a terrible bang and the light went out. The converter was kind of busted and a great fear crept up that I had blown up the Wii. I planned to return to the Mediamarket the next day to scold their insolence, even if they weren't actually responsible. scommettere in azioni binarie opzioni binarie sonia salerno The next day I returned to the store. In the meanwhile I had found out that it wasn't at all a converter I needed, but a 'transformer', to deal with the shift in voltage on our network. They didn't have them there, so I got sent to another electronics dealer and finally, at long last, I had the right tool for the job. I rushed home and hooked everything up, and discovered it still wasn't working. At this time I realised that I had in actuality busted the power supply, and since I had a deadline breathing down my neck and we were dealing with a machine with US warranty, I thought I was royally screwed. here And like always when things go amiss; you turn to the internet. I found there a guide telling me how to butcher my Gamecube power supply so that it fit the Wii. Thank god. So I grabbed a knife and started flaying the adaptor. For the umpteenth time, I prepared the Wii, switched on the power, and it worked! Sweet Mary it worked! I then popped in Twilight Princess and started playing. That's all I'm gonna tell about the game and my opinions on it here, so you'll just have to read the 6-page review when it's in the [N]Gamer of December. It's a cool edition anyway since my review of Phoenix Wright 2 is also going to be in there. So, you know, buy it.

(Also, the SP won the elections, I'm proud to say. They went from 9 to 26 seats in the parliament and were the main winners in the race. They've become the third biggest party in the Netherlands now, which is a huge accomplishment since they never belonged to the age-old establishment! Hopefully this country is headed the right way now, even though it's still not even sure if they'll get into the ruling government itself. More on that as it comes.)

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