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robot per investimenti opzioni binarie high yield binäre optionen Last Thursday I was given a nice opportunity: 2 voor 12, the Dutch quiz show I regularly work for through school was making an ultra-small documentary about the process of creating a typical animation. Considering the sheer volume of movies I made for them over the last three years, they thought I'd fit well as the poster-child for a new generation of animators. investimenti online forex Maybe I'm overclaiming though. I was asked, anyhow. My job was basically to act out in front of the camera how I'd usually go about presenting my idea and storyboard to the director of the show. Afterwards, they held small interviews with the show's crew, including our animation teacher slash rockstar Egbert and myself. So I had to say a few bits on animating and how it works. Hurray! I've made a fool of myself on national television! It's not broadcast yet; that has to wait until somewhere in December. I'm sure it's going to be nothing spectacular at all, but it's been years since I've been on television. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like standing in the spotlights. chart forex real time get link Preferably when I have something to actually say. The art of improvising is something I'm going to have to learn a little more. I'm a happy freelancer. Amongst other periodicals, I work as you know for the Dutch Nintendo magazine [N]Gamer. Their publisher has recently started a new multi-platform publication and funnelled a few of our writers to the new team. I stayed on the [N]Gamer side and because of this I'll now be getting more work and a more prominent role in things. That's great news of course, because next year I'll have my diplomas and will have to use my freelance writing to get around partially. For the upcoming issue I've managed to secure a few really nice jobs that I'm tremendously looking forward to writing. The first is a two-page review of Phoenix Wright 2, a game I will scrutinise and peruse fairly out of my great respect for it. The second is a consignation for the review of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for the Nintendo DS. You'll by now all know I can be quite the fanboy for this series, so no doubts about my contentness there.

Cosmic justice will restore the balance of course, by giving me the crappiest licence games ever for review afterwards. To be played by emulator.

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