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follow url imagenes de las reformas en el sistema de comercio I received the new Worms game for the DS yesterday, which I had been wanting to play ever since I heard of its development. I've enjoyed my fair share of Worms on the PC ever since its creation (although the series only really got on its own with the second instalment), so I was very curious what the franchise could do on the DS. I never really had any interest in the 3D versions on the various platforms, so the thought of a 2D Worms on a Nintendo DS capable of wireless multiplayer with only one cartridge? source siteæžšpa I can't tell you a lot about it yet, for a host of reasons. One of them is that I only just got it and haven't played it thoroughly. Another is that I'm already reviewing it for Dutch Nintendo magazine [N]Gamer. So if you want my final verdict you'll have to read it (plug, plug). I can say though that they seem to have the good old Worms-feeling going (well, they SHOULD be able to pull that stuff off, after all: they've been cranking out game after game of Worms over the years. You could say all they've been doing is opening one can of Worms after another. But that would be really, really awful). One thing I noticed that technically it's not completely watertight, unfortunately. There's some framerate issues and slowdown, but I'll have to delve into that before I can make any judgment on it. Again, wait for the review in the magazine. In other shocking news: I had LOST my fun in playing Oblivion for a while after the weekend. As you know I got Oblivion on Thursday last week, then went home for the weekend -constantly pining for it- and returned eager to play it. But I was dreadfully tired after some parties and I just didn't have fun during my late-night session. Now that's The Elder Scrolls of course; there's a chance you just don't run into anything interesting for a while due to the scale of the world. But it frightened me because the thought that I had already lost interest in this long-awaited game was completely unacceptable. Fortunately, the next day I hauled in another couple of hours and all was well again. What a ghastly adventure! Boy howdy. binaire opties software I finally encountered Sean Bean in the game, or at least, the character Sean Bean plays. He was one of the three famous actors -including the omnipresent but always exciting Patrick Stewart- that Bethesda had caught for a role in Oblivion. And so far I'm noticing that his voice is a bit too subtle for voice-acting I'm afraid. I'm just wildly guessing here, but I think voice-actors and tv/movie-actors are just a different breed. You need a lot of expression in your voice if you want it to be your sole medium of acting. It's quite common to see slightly weak performances in this field in games by especially the famous actors. For some reason their lines come out a bit dull, possibly because they're used to be subtle and act a lot with their gestures. Then again, maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

Most probably the latter.

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