06 November 2010

Another big work week working on Dreambear lies behind us. It's terrific to see the response: people are making accounts literally by the tens of thousands to play in our world. It's overwhelming and awesome for something we've been working on for so long.

The public clamors for more content though, so we're set to deliver by creating more games, missions and whatnot every day. I barely have time for anything else! It's pretty amazing I got August done for two weeks straight. There've been precious few evenings that I wasn't working. But it's been super great. I love doing this.

I gotta go now though, it's late and I do want to get some sleep (I'm writing this late at night so it'll pop up on your screen first thing in the morning). See you next time on... PHILIPE AND HORATIO, your favorite cancelled talkshow!