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enter site Apologies for the lateness of this episode (though still well within the boundaries of 'Saturday', so this isn't a missed deadline just yet!), but that's what you get when you've got an old madman with a cybernetic prosthetic arm screaming and being all energetic and stuff featured in multiple panels. That takes some time to draw. binäre optionen 60sec beste strategie follow link In the last couple of episodes I've been working on getting the compositions better and I hope you might have noticed that the comic has gotten nicer on the eye now. Even though there's forever room for improvement on that front, I've decided to take on another thing which I want to get better at: the inking. I've been reading some books on it and digesting some tutorials, and I know it could be a lot better than it is now. Here and there the characters are pretty flat because the lines are all practically the same width even though I try to make them tapering (which is the term used to indicate that a line varies dynamically from thick to thin). watch broker trade minimo 1 euro Now this won't be quite as apparent for you as the improving of the compositions, but you may see little things here and there that signal that I'm trying some new approaches to inking. And who knows, this may become a nice comic just yet!
In my infinite folly I've taken up yet another '2 voor 12' animation for Dutch television. This means more work, but also a luxurious budget which I may spend on Nintendo DS games. So far I've bought Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Brain Training. Now the latter's host, Dr. Kawashima -whose head is composed of a select number of polygon planes- is a candidate for being featured in the new Super Smash Bros Brawl fighting game that'll appear on the Wii. Needless to say, I'm rooting for him. I wonder with what manner of mathematical moves he'll try to pound some wisdom into his opponents?

There's a heat wave in the Netherlands and that means it's time for wide-open windows, little clothing and lots of ice-cream. But since I eat ice-cream all year round (heck, buy Priligy 120 mg in Houston Texas especially during the winter), the lessening of my attire to shocking degrees is the main change around here. Is that too much information? My brain is overclocking a little bit. Roderick.

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