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Stock market commentary march 2017 I must confess that it’s been a real treat to launch August again. During the preparations, when Igor and I were plowing through the archive and building everything up, more than once a sense of nostalgia (or as Bowie would sing it in ‘DJ’: nostaljuwah) would befall me of the most blessed sort. go site August has been a huge part of my life in the past and will be again from now on. It’s been heartwarming, embarrassing and enlightening to read all the things I had to say in the past. I’ve been sanctimonious, spot-on, a twat, brilliant and stupid. Almost like a real human being. But most of all it’s been fun. Let’s build on that legacy some more! enter So, what have I been doing these past two years that I wasn’t busy entertaining you? Some of the things that started the Age of Hiatus are known: I was first making the Quelle Horreur zombie/romance/comedy comic and afterwards a big strip about an alternate universe version of Stephen Hawking where he chose a path of crime and evil, with twisted science and bitter enmity with his colleague Richard Dawkins. It was called Quantum Evil. But that alone can’t account for two years, of course. By far the most time was spent preparing for, and actuating, an internship I did last winter. In Holly-freaking-wood. I went to Los Angeles for three months and interned at production company Underground Films, right in the middle of the buzz of moviemaking. With the express goal of experiencing what that was like and gauging if it would be something for me to work in. And you will understand, one does not simply walk into Hollywood. The very air there is riddled with hubris and hardship.
I had a fantastic time though and the network I built there I hope to profit from in the time to come. In many ways, the real task is only now starting. Only this time, I aim to to fit Captain August in there as well: huzzah!

binäre optionen trading 212 Public notice: if you’re a new reader coming from anywhere on the internet that reported on the re-emergence of this here webcomic: welcome and I hope you like what you read. If you’re baffled as to what this is all about, I have two options for you. Either take some time to read the comic from the beginning (press the ‘First’ button underneath the episode) or flip back to the start of this year at binäre optionen hilfsmittel That should get you up to speed and into the action faster than CERN gets rid of a liquid helium leak in the Large Hadron Collider. Wait, that’s not saying a whole lot. Faster by a margin, I guess.

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