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forex free no deposit 2018 click here The ninety-ninth episode! Only one more to go and we've successfully made it through the first year! The tension is rising, can you FEEL the excitement? We're closing off a major chapter in the history of August, and embarking on a whole new thing. go here http://wesola54.pl/pilatos/33 Of course I want to continue with the things I've started, but as with all new beginnings, there's also the feeling of wanting to do something new. Tweaking what I have, introducing new things. Stagnance spells death and I want to keep surprising myself and my ever-increasing audience. The two weeks I have after the 100th episode before the second Augustian year starts will give me the time to ponder about the direction. I don't yet have a clue myself what I want, but I want it. Bear with me. follow And I'll also continue writing short little rants about everything popping into me. Most of these will probably again be about games and the state of the industry, my personal adventures and random lashings against the world, in Black Books Irish drunkard-style. It's actually amusing, because ever since I saw the Black Books series (the first season is highly recommendable), I simply cannot indulge in rage against source site anything anymore without putting on a blurting Irish accent. I'm like the human guy in Lands of Lore 1 (not the fighter but the other one), I http://boersenalltag.de/blog/blog-from/2011-05-01/ adapt to these things.

One more thing I will predict already for the new year; there will be about 100% less clown present. The gap will be filled with pirates and zombies. I think this should relieve everyone of their wholly justified worries.

cedar binäre option Roderick.

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