31 May 2006

It was already posted on the forums, so fiercely loyal August zealots and casual visitors alike already got a look at it, but I must really show it here as well.

It's an oekaki-drawing (oekaki is a weird internet utensil with which you can draw; a free online substitute for Photoshop in many forms) by Leo de Wijs, who is also the creator of the digitally painted backgrounds for the Ebony Marshall demo. As you can see, he's an auspicious illustrator. Rumquist and his gang (sans Alexander Nox; according to Leo because he didn't have much visual appeal (which of course is the very source of Nox' appeal)) have never before been rendered in such soft hues, or soft curves at that.

I've studied the picture a bit and came to the conclusion that the line-work is almost identical to the characters in the comic. This prompts the adage that colour really does work wonders on an illustration. It's completely unfeasible to colourize the strip itself of course, but illustrations like these can really make the characters sparkle in ways the black and white line-drawings could never accomplish.

Therefore, alongside thanking Leo for spending his scarce few free hours on making an impressive piece of August fanart, I'd like to toss up the idea of more scribbled homages for the captain. The forums are obviously the place of choice to present them, but if there's enough of it I might open up a section on the site dedicated to your very labour. So, show yourself from your creative side and honour will come your way!