26 April 2006

Joy of joys! The new site is finally up, as you might have noticed. Well don't just stand here, take a look around! Actually, read this first. I'll tell you what's new.

From top to bottom: Home is the home of the comic, I think that's straightforward enough to grasp. The Archive has now been arranged neatly into the various years Captain August will span. That'll ensure a better view on things in the long run. The Questionmark page has been expanded with plentiful descriptions of all the wondrous, delicious characters of the comic. Links now holds more and newer links and can be updated more frequently. You'll also find a small banner there you can use on your own site to link to me, should you want to.

The Movie page is the place you'll want to go to pretty quickly after this, because you can download the amazing Captain August movie there. It's a whopping four minutes long and I've heard people comparing it to Citizen Kane. I'm not saying anything, but that's what I heard. The Merch page is also of interest, because you can now order Captain August ~ Year One directly from our shoppe! Blearing Bagpiping Scotsman that's cool! The page itself will hold all the info you need. We've made things supersimple, so there's no trickery with shipping costs or prices that you didn't know beforehand. It's fool-proof, as they say.

The Forum button leads directly to the forum in a new window. That'll make them extra easy to access, and I hope with it will come even greater activity there. They're already doing pretty well by the way, and there's lots of August stuff and previews and news that you'll find first on the forums. That should be incentive enough to drop by. No strings attached, because that's the way we do things here at Captain August Industries(TM).

Lastly, the Contact page speaks for itself. If you want to mail me about the strip, or job offers, or sponsoring, or just for the heck of it, this would be the place. Then the final button below is the PayPal button you may still use to donate some money if you like the comic and want to ease the financial burden of running a site and making loads of art for it. Or course, you could also just help out by heading into the Merchandise room and buy some August swag. That'd be awesome too!

In the coming months the site will be added to with new pages and more content. As the story unfolds, the cast will be expanded on at ?, there will eventually be a download-page that will have much more animations, wallpapers and whatnot, and over the course of the year the shop will be broadened with new loot to appease even the staunchest of pirates! Now, head into the site and tell me what you think by mail or in this topic!