follow link 12 November 2005

here I finally have access to the internet at home! Sooner than expected we lucked out and got the modem, rerouted wire through our entire house (don't care if it's sloppy, I'm a student damn it and I can live in a pig sty if I so choose!) and blasted off online! That means I won't have to make the cumbersome journey to school anymore every time I want to upload the new episodes; errors can be dealt with more rapidly and there's less chance of not making the deadline. Work home college students watch If this wasn't enough, I also saw Batman Begins a few days ago and the sheer awesomeness was astonishing. I didn't expect it to be this good. This new, realistic, plausible universe is more interesting than I had expected at first and I'm certainly eager to see more of it. On the topic of the inevitable sequel, I'd like nothing more than to see Crispin Glover take on the role of the Joker. It befits him, and he befits the new Bats universe. It just trading senza leva finanziaria fits. Like a glove. I hope they'll see this, but maybe we ~the internet community~ can help give some leverage if we make enough noise in Crispin's favour. Crispin for Joker!
My now having internet is a double-edged blade that's constantly cutting into me when I wield it. I knew this before I'd get it but I haven't been able to prevent it anyway and now I have to find the solution. Of course it's great and time-saving that I now have immediate access, but as I had feared; more hours are quietly being sneaked in than was the planning and the inane temptation to strut off onto fora I've just checked five minutes ago proves stronger and more subconscious than I'd feared.

My solution is to get brutal, if possible. I must learn constraint and turn every impulse to doodle away my time into a constructive period where I pick up work that's still lying; like finishing some comic, storyboard, script or thumbnail. What I now need is some tough love from myself. I won't spare the bullwhip. Roderick.

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