04 March 2006

Reality rudely awakens King from his ponderings. They're standing in front of a walkway leading over heavy and menacing machinery (shots of the threatening machines here).

Government Man: ,,This walkway spells doom, children.'
Claudius: ,,How so, GM? It seems stable enough to carry three.'
GM: ,,Just be glad these machines aren't working. The reports speak of many accidents in times past. People falling in, losing appendages, getting killed. Nasty stories really.'

He sees Claudius looking troubled.

GM: ,,Don't worry, lovely lady, with a kick-ass professional like me around, nothing'll happen to you.'
Claudius: ,,I'm relieved already.'
King: ,,Look. There's a plaque of some sorts on the machine.'
GM: ,,Dental plaque? Because dental plaque can be really nasty.'
King: ,,I think the golden type. I can't read it though.'
Claudius: ,,I believe it says... 'Illuminated stand the visionairies, their ideas light the path to the future.'... The visionairies? That sounds like a cult.'
GM: ,,Sounds pretentious to me. I wish I could tell you more, because I know exactly what this means. But I can't tell you. Because I can't share information with you, not even this little bit. I'd have to kill you on the spot.'

Deadly serious looks from all. Then, GM bursts into laughter.

GM: ,,Oh hahaha! That was so rich! Your faces. Okay, alright, I'll tell. This factory dates back to late Victorian times. You know, the big industrialization in the 19th century. These clunky, old machines come right out of that age. Classic steampunk, locomotives, zeppelins, that sort of thing. I can't really say what the meaning of that sentence is though.'
King: ,,Maybe they were just optimistic about the future?'

GM turns around and with a shadowed face, he speaks directly to King for the first time.

GM: ,,Kid... does this look like heaven to you?'

This was a little piece from my script for Quelle Horreur, which features zombies and awesome government men. I put it here to whet your appetites. This is also my special little way of saying that most of the time I had to prepare August went into actually drawing the page, this time. As you'll notice, there is a lot of text in this episode, and a lot of pictures as well. Both take a long time to make. But I trust you didn't find this piece of script-insertion too unforgivable, did you?