follow url range binary fx option It's official now: we're being thrown out of our house by the Evil Empire. Hurrah! Wait- this is bad news. Come 12th of august, we have to skedaddle and get a new home. This day also happens to be my birthday, so I'm basking in the irony of it. opcje binarne alior For those of you who are stumped, I'll give a quick, pointlisty review of the situation. I might have already said this ten thousand times, but consider yourselves lucky that I say a LOT of things and tend to remember about a percentage of that. Here goes: anti-squat schoolbuilding in a rural town next to Utrecht - by organisation arranging these sort of things - raw deal, they only have to give you two weeks' notice before being expected to get the hell out - I'm screwed. click here babypips forex training The latter isn't really true because there are always alternatives and in this case two housemateys are in the same sinking ship as I am now, and together we'll find a new place, pronto. Otherwise, it's back to the ol' parental habitat. So finding a new home isn't that problematic (read: I'm in denial). But what really irks me is:
1. I had a holiday planned here in this building and that's a goner now.
2. I've got three couches. I'm never going to find a place that can store all my current furniture. So what in heck am I going to do with all my stuff?!
3. I'm a lazy sonbitch. The thought alone of moving makes me tired.

So there you have it. Plus, I'm only now recuperating from my heavy, yearly cold slash fever, and my crazy five-year old computer won't accept cd-roms anymore. On the plus-side, I just read Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim vs The World graphic novel (second in the series), and it blew my brains out. Were it not for the fact that I'm in love with the cutest girl conceivable, I'd seriously consider marrying Bryan Lee O'Malley. Or at least steal his brain. Which is always an option. binario opzione bot 2.0 Roderick.

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