ONE HUNDRED BILLION...! WELL, OKAY, ONLY follow site 03 August 2005

follow url source link Weyhey, I finished my short, 14-page horror-comic about the mighty beast KRAKEN and his underwater escapades. Let me just say: he won?t be dancing to a snazzy hiphop tune. This guy means business. premarin pills price robot opzioni binarie funziona ?Twas kind of a nice experiment for me, doing a whole comic with a brush. Totally different way of working. As such, you can see the sure line of progress in style as the pages come and go. Now, this comic will be published in a smallprint book that me and my friends are putting together, to be sold on the coming anime-conventions. No profit intended. It?s really just for fun. I?ll see if the book will be obtainable on the internet, and otherwise I?ll think about just putting it online to share it with you. follow site Wow, the first year of August is almost finished! Incredible. Remember what my plan is: I want to produce 100 pages per year, so that leaves four episodes in the end that won?t be pages but... something else yet undecided. I?ll make it something special. But it?ll be like treerings: you can count how old Captain August is just by looking at the hundred-number we?re currently in. Another year, another one hundred pages. Just wait, I?ve got some cool things in store for you. Your loyalty to August will not go unrewarded! binaire opties definitie Which reminds me, I still have to deliver a story-arc with nothing but explosions. A promise is a promise.

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