WELCH ENTSETZEN! 01 February 2006

watch programmi gratis opzioni binarie There are new tidings on my graphic horror novel click Quelle Horreur. Together with the big cheeses of Goldfish Factory (who will publish the book in small print) we have decided that we won't go for the one-shot pocket format. Instead, I'm splitting the comic in half and turning it into two smaller books. This has a few drawbacks, but many benefits. follow link The main argument against is that it won't be a spiffy trade paperback now. That always exudes status, and its descent on the scale of class is lamentable. Another possible obstacle is the reluctance of people to bind themselves to a series, even if it will be made abundantly clear it will only have two parts. watch Fortunately, the ayes have it. For one, it will probably be cheaper. Needless to say, a single book will cost significantly less than a TPB. Two will probably equal the TPB in price, but only because we would be forced to sell the latter with next to no profit. Which brings us to another strong advantage; we'll most likely actually get even with the book now, because making a TPB is a costly thing, whereas a normal book can be sold with a margin click here larger than 1%.

Other factors come into play. Currently I've drawn about a third of the story, some 26 pages. Waiting until I'd have finished it all would have taken a long while, forcing us to miss the main selling-event of the year; the biggest anime convention in the Netherlands. Now however, I can finish the first half and get it out for maximum exposure. It's also good for you because you won't have to wait so long now (because everyone will be able to order it from the Goldfish Factory website of course).

And finally, having a part one in my hand would be a terrific incentive for me to keep drawing and stay motivated. I have no doubts that I would finish the graphic novel nonetheless, but this is a supportive feature that will prove very persuasive.

New tidings reveal themselves to be good tidings!