DIGEST #6093

08 December 2004

Today's strip introduces the third character of our little adventure, Janosh. Oh geez, it's hard not to spoil all the nasty things that'll happen to him. Well, actually, you just witnessed it. Yes, he fell into the liquid hot butter. But what manner of repercussions this has on basically everything, I'll leave in the middle. It's for your own good. Humanity is not prepared for this yet.

Also, man am I being delved in with things to do! In a few more weeks I'll be needing a team of archeologists to excavate me. I understand it's getting a bit lame that I'm yet again complaining about these pitiful tribulations of mine, but as soon as I've uncovered yet another scandal involving big corporations, interactive media, mango-icecream or any combination of the previous, I'll post something useful again. Until then, you'll have to make do with this.

As I was saying, the strain is impeccable. Many assignments need to be done in a matter of weeks, and I'll give you a few seconds to guess what I've been doing last night? Here's a hint: it has something to do with sitting on a couch and watching a friend beat Castlevania IV on the SNES. But all is not procrastination. Just now I made a few moving storyboards and drew a walking-cycle for our dear captain. I also made a report on an academic text linking the many movies of Dracula to psycho-analyses from our dear friend Dr. Freud. Did you know that Dracula is actually a symbol of our oedipal fear of castration by the dominant father (because, duh, we obviously sexually crave our mothers)? You do now. And here I was thinking Bram Stoker was just a guy with a great nightmare and an urge to write Victorian tales. Was I ever mistaken. What a perverted man he was.

RL out.