04 December 2004

Being the game-obsessed human that I am (though curiously enough, I don't play by far as much games as you'd expect after a statement as this, but then I always was a man of Theory instead of Action), I'm fiddling with the idea of starting up a little gaming column on Captain August. I know, I know, ,,but Captain August has nothing to do with gaming!' you'll exclaim with shrieky voices. But the sad fact is: I care not. The website is as much mine as it is August's. And so I'll leech some of his bandwidth to put online a little game-related ranting-space in the future. As that excellent gaming website Idle Thumbs already once said: ,,It's the dichotomy that keeps gamers coming back!'

Which is to say; you can have your chocolate chip cookie and eat it, or stuff it in your ear, or sit on it, see if I don't. Note though, that this isn't going to happen in the next couple of weeks. The only reason I'm posting this now is that I'm desperate for sensation and publicity -nah, not really though.

What is a fact is that for the next weeks and/or months I'll be busy with the Captain August animated feature movie motion picture film. Progress is slow but steady, I'm still working on it, and working, working... It's gonna be great though, you'll love it. Especially when you'll hear that I've contracted this great director to see it through to the end. His name's Alan Smithee, maybe you've heard of him? I think his reputation will speak greatly for the estimated quality of the film.

Oh yeah, about the gaming column. It's not going to be your standard fare of reviews and previews and fanboy writings. While this has its place in the gaming journalism world, it's already way too heavily present, disproportionally so. And therefore, I'll try to offer something else. I can't really say yet what the red line will be, but you can bet that it's going to be fruity, and deep, and looking at the subject from a more artist-like angle. And at the same time rant-like. I don't know, just wait and see and maybe it won't be that bad. Time will tell.