ENDGAMES analisi trend opzioni binarie 31 August 2005

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enter site see Omigosh, we've entered the endgame. This calls for a poem. azione binarie get link Actually, no. What this DOES call for is MANIC STRESS. And celebration. So far I've not missed a single update, even though I've been through some harrowing ordeals in this year. And now I am to fill four consecutive episodes with no strip at all, but something else. One of these I've already made. I don't know if it's going to have some meaning or if it's just going to be random. I don't know yet. binäre optionen ab 1 euro und mindesteinlage 10 euro go site The whole trouble with moving has strengthened my belief in COSMIC KARMA. The intervention of event upon event, serendipitous happenstance upon unforeseen surprise... it happens, and yet it isn't just random. There's a pattern, chaotic though it may be. I knew when I went into this that everything would work out, because that's just how it is. It is this coasterride of ups and downs, you get kicked in the teeth and then when you least expect it, someone approaches you and tells you it's going to be okay and he'll help. I love karma. Whether it's there or not. It's not a religious faith. It's just an assurance, a fluke of the mind that I like to toy with. At the same time completely bogus and constantly working. It's ethereal and extremely banal. All I know is: what the hell do I know? And that's the only truth. stock options in takeover Roderick.