14 May 2005

go to site After the immense disappointment of the failure of my original Secret Project, I've recovered -at least partially- from the blow. Although this wound will fester a bit more into the next few months, I've picked up my belongings from the crash site and begun on a journey I'd like to call source Secret Project #2. The good thing about SP#2 is that it's not for any contest or anything, so if I'm able to finish it it'll be published guaranteed. There is, of course, a new obstacle. This will be the biggest comic project I've undertaken yet (which is obviously a blatant lie becauseäre-optionen-einsteiger August is the biggest, but because that's spread out over a casual binäre optionen erfolgreiche strategien ~infinity~ it doesn't seem like that much work). I estimate it'll be around forty pages. Forty pages of dedicated comic in a style that's completely new to me (but which is of course heavily inspired by some other pieces of pop culture, or haven't you figured out the pattern yet that the world is my oyster and I'll assimilate everything I like to make one sparkassen trading deutschland binären optionen giant Moloch of a sandwich that will inevitably be unique to me?).

Now that I think about it, I think the reason that I see the upcoming project as something bigger than August is that my webcomic really is so source url loose in its format. Twice a week I sit down and let my mind go free and scribble some inane piece of work and put it on the site. That's like, no preparation whatsoever. Something like tastylia strips reviews SP#2 however requires massive amounts of preproduction. Because it's a single story that needs to fit like a see url glove. I'm spending lots of time researching and writing and rewriting the script, coming up with dialogue and characterdesigns. Then scrapping everything and inserting new ideas, revising the whole shebang. Practicing the probable style of the comic, finding the right tools to make it... you could do this forever. Until it's finally done and you've got a concept that's just titillating. And only then does the drawing begin. It's so here massive that it's stuck in my head and takes time to process and think over. That's why it's so much 'bigger' in my perception than August.

Obviously, obviously, I can't tell you strategia opzioni binarie bande di bollinger anything about it, because you'll steal it and run away with it and I'll الخيارات الثنائية التفوق die tragically of broken heart. We couldn't go about that, could we? All I can say at this point is that the story features one of my handful of Things That Make Every Story Better. If you're adept, you should be able to find that handful around here somewhere. I'm sure I've mentioned it multiple times. Otherwise I'm sending you off on a wild goosechase that'll exhaust you to death. That'll teach you to steal my ideas!