02 September 2006

[16:45:48] Roderick: Busy finishing August now.
[16:45:56] Roderick: Do you have a nice topic for a rant?
[16:48:00] Consonant: Mountain dew!
[16:48:11] Consonant: no I don't know anything
[16:48:34] Roderick: Well that's the struggle I have twice a week
[16:48:43] Roderick: Last time I didn't know anything, so I'd better do something now
[16:48:50] Roderick: Maybe the fugly Transformers designs?
[16:48:56] Consonant: yeah!
[16:49:00] Consonant: I saw them
[16:49:09] Consonant: have they been confirmed yet?
[16:50:52] Roderick: Don't know
[16:50:56] Roderick: Will spew gall though
[16:50:55] Consonant: I don't completely understand these things, I mean they're making a TRANSFORMERS movie right? So it would logically follow that they're trying to hook in the old fans or whatevers? Then why would they have robots running around that only vaguely resemble the old ones?
[16:51:12] Roderick: To trick us? It's a hoax?
[16:51:28] Consonant: that's what you hope, but I see it happening that these are real
[16:51:34] Consonant: optimus prime at the very least
[16:51:58] Consonant: because he was pretty much confirmed to be a flashy truck instead of a regular semi or whatever you call em
[16:53:28] Roderick: Still, good topic for a rant.
[16:53:35] Consonant: yeah
[16:54:43] Roderick: I could start out by saying how awesome the original Megatron was designed with his German helmet. And then Galvatron was nice and bold too, with purple.
[16:55:32] Roderick: But this current design, it's like an insectoid or something. Some random metal shapes slapped together in humanoid form, devoid of any personality.
[16:56:03] Roderick: They're too 'robotic', which is obviously ironic.
[16:56:05] Consonant: yeah it resembles nothing in particular, it's just trying to be "cool" or something.
[16:57:28] Roderick: I think maybe they're also too stuck up thinking that they have to look feasible as robots that can transform into stuff. While the brilliance of the cartoon was in the fact that they put personality up front in most of the cases.
[16:59:44] Roderick: I still have to believe this is a hoax though.
[16:59:57] Roderick: Otherwise I'm already giving up on this movie.
[17:00:02] Consonant: haha
[17:00:27] Consonant: I'm not sure about the megatron design because he was supposed to be a tank I think
[17:00:38] Consonant: but the optimus one I'm almost sure is true
[17:01:14] Roderick: There's also some talk about that the transformers get different shapes when they arrive on Earth.
[17:01:37] Roderick: So that may be the last piece of the puzzle. That at first they're really alien and then they grow on to reflect our human sense of personality.
[17:02:26] Consonant: I'm not sure that would save it tho =P!