CAPTAIN AUGUST ~ YEAR ONE 2952/ source url 11 March 2006 source Have ye feasted your eyes enough, lads and bonnies? No, they do not deceive you! It is really real and absolutely here: the entire first year of Captain August, bound in fantastic trade paperback format, glossy as living heck and so precious you'll need special fluffy eye-protectors to shield your dear irises; as the books burn with the power of go here a thousand suns!

In the past half year, in utter secrecy, I've been preparing all the episodes of the first year and creating loads of extra features to go with the book. Like any self-respecting collector from the DVD-era, specials are a must; and so the book comes with numerous making-of pages, early designs from my sketchbook, intros and exit words and more stunning stuff. It counts a whopping 120 pages, and upon proofreading it I discovered it took me about an hour-and-a-half to read the book front to back. Wowsers! That's value for money you can't buy anymore these days! Speaking of which, the book will set you back a mere ?10,95. Yes, that's Euros. In Dollars it would cost about $13,95 -give or take. Pounds are more difficult to say, but I will take the effort because I value my British readers just as much as all the other August children of the world. In Pounds Sterling the price should be around 7,50. These are hardly more than calculated guesses though, so you'll have to wait a bit for a trustworthy approximation.

More importantly: where can you get this insanely desirable object of future worship? Well, that won't be a problem. If you wait a few weeks, you'll be able to order it directly from the new and upcoming August website. I'm also negotiating with a distribution company that may see the book distributed possibly to all Dutch comic shops! You are also capable of ordering the book online from German vendors such as en iyi forex analiz and others. Whether or when the book will be available in other online shops, I don't know. Those lucky Germans got this headstart because the book was printed there. And of course, I encourage you all to step to your local comic shop or bookstore and simply ask for it. It's got an ISBN-number and everything, so it should be right there on the shelf between the Dan Brown and Stephen King. If anyone notices anything on the web qua reviews or places starting to sell the book, be sure to share it with me!

And you can do so on the official follow site Captain August forums! These newly created forums are part of the website update, but I thought I'd already share it with you. Come join them and you can commune directly with me and gazillions of other fans that may or may not be already le migliori opzioni binarie there!

I believe a while back I told you exciting stuff would be happening soon. I think you can remove the spears from my neck now. And take away that halberd that has been drilling itself in my shoulder for months. Take it go to link away I tell you!

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