29 December 2004

Some quick updates on how the Captain August movie is coming along.

Well, the deadline was exactly one week ago today, but the movie isn't quite done. I did present the host of teachers a rough version that hadn't been so meticulously edited as I had wanted, but there you have it. I did have all the animation finished and incorporated though; a feat that cost me many a late night. But with a bottle of Dr. Pepper at my side I managed.

All to no avail of course, as I was given the amusing 'encouragement-fail', which is to say: I failed, but only because the teachers believed I should return to the project and squeeze everything I can out of it. As if I wasn't going to do that anyway. But they were so right to impose it on me. I admit: I've been a bit of a slacker. Between all the holidays interrupting and sudden relocations of homes; I've just been a lazy bastard. I can already picture myself being dragged to Spain next year when Knecht Ruprecht
sees I've been a naughty boy. Or at least; a procrastinating one.

The direct consequence of this however is that you, the faithful zealots of August, shall have to wait a while longer before being able to see the animated film. I'm sorry, but in the end the extra hours that'll go into it in january are only going to make it shine brighter.

For those of you who're interested: Idle Thumbs has now published an article of my hand about product placement in computergames. If you have any concerns about it or just want to see how many pop culture references I've managed to abusively insert, head over to In-Game Advertising: Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?!.

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